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CoBē was born from the idea that you should truly love what you eat.  Love how it tastes.  Love it's health benefits.  Love that it's sustainably farmed and organic.  You should love that it helps struggling communities to grow and prosper.   

Cut open Organic Cacao or Cocoa Pod

CoBē was created out of love.  Our founder is the father to a beautiful chocoholic daughter.   He was frustrated at feeling the need to deny her chocolate because of the sugar content and in many cases artificial flavors and colors.  Now, he has a treat that she loves and that he knows is extremely nutritious and sustainably produced.  Our minimally processed cacao is properly cared for from the moment it leaves the tree to the time you consume it.   We firmly believe that we offer a product that allows you to experience premium organic cacao flavors that are rich and complex without being bitter. 

Whole Organic Cacao or Cocoa Pod

CoBē Cacao Bean Snacks are thoughtfully crafted with naturally fermented, toasted, organic cacao beans.  Our uncompromising process achieves an unfiltered chocolate experience with a crunchy, bitter-free interior. CoBe’s snack beans are coated in milk or vegan dark chocolate with no added sugars.  All-natural Stevia is used to create the sweet chocolate coating. By eliminating added sugar, excess calorie density is avoided – this yields a snack with a low glycemic index that is also packed with nutrients to offer sustained energy, anti-inflammatory benefits, stress-reduction, and may help improve mood and mental focus.  

The milk chocolate-covered beans are finished with a warm spice mix which includes anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, and warming cinnamon and cardamom.  The vegan product uses dairy-free dark chocolate to surround deliciously crispy cacao beans – these are then rolled in chocolate powder for a smooth, beautiful matte finish.  Regardless of which package you order, these are sure to be a grab-and-go hit with your family.  

Cacao beans are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.  If you’re looking for a delicious, magnesium-rich, healthy snack, CoBe has the product for you.  They are an all-natural, plant-based product in convenient, antioxidant-rich bites. 

Additionally, by supporting CoBē’s products, you are supporting the fairtrade of cocoa in Peru and the reduction of Coca growth (and illegal drug trade) within that country.

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