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CoBē Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans Sweetened with Stevia and Dusted with Cocoa


Whole cacao beans covered in a sugar-free milk chocolate dusted with a mix of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. Our spices deliver a delicious shot of antioxidants that help you feel and be your very best.

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CoBē Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans Sweetened with Stevia and Dusted with Cocoa

Vegan & Intense

If you crave a pure chocolate experience, this is the product for you.  Whole beans coated in a dark vegan chocolate and finished with a fine cocoa powder…It’s a chocoholic’s dream.

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Lady picking organically farmed Cacao Beans

Carefully Cultivated

Because the Best Cacao makes the Best Chocolates. Our team has partnered with a co-op of organic farmers where we always get first pick of Sustainably Farmed and Fair Trade Cacao.

Organically farmed Cacao Beans checked during processing.

Precise Process

Our beans must follow a precise process of fermentation in the fruit's pulp in order to develop the deep rich chocolate flavors. Then they are sun dried and slow roasted to exact specifications.

Food of the Gods

Our Passion

Helping Peruvian farmers grow cacao organically to keep them from being exploited by cartels.

CoBe Commitment to Quality


Our Farmers are committed to cultivating symbiotically with nature to eliminate the need to apply chemicals to our Cacao.

Sugar Free

Stevia Sweetened

Stevia is a sugar substitute extracted from plants native to Brazil and Paraguay.  

Gluten Free

No wheat or grains are used in the production of our chocolates.  

No Trans Fats

Like avocados, Cacao has natural vegetable fats that are heart healthy and provide a slow energy release to help keep you satiated. 

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