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Milk Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans Stevia Sweetened (10 Pack)

Product image 1CoBē Snacks Milk Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans Sweetened With Stevia
Product image 2CoBē Snacks Milk Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans Dusted with Golden Spices
Product image 3Nutritional Information of CoBē Snacks Milk Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans
Product image 4Milk Chocolate Covered Cacao Beans Sweetened With Stevia And Dusted with Golden Spices

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Box of 10 - 40g packs of the Amazon's Super Food.   Organic CoBē Cocoa beans are the healthy snack you'll want to have around when those chocolate urges hit.  The unprocessed Cacau contains both fiber and protein to help keep you feel satiated so you don't keep binging.   You can feel good about your dalliance because 1 serving of CoBē cocoa beans has over 3x's the antioxidants of a serving of blueberries to help fight aging.  It's also high in magnesium and potassium which help maintain muscles and the good natural vegetable fats will help keep your skin glowing form the inside out. Cacau is a great source of Polyphenols have many health benefits, including reductions in blood pressure, inflammation, cholesterol levels and oxidative stress.  All this from a sugar-free chocolate that is crunchy and delicous.   
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